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LCS Feedback

on July 01, 2008

Thanks for all the Last Comic Standing feedback. For those of you who missed it, you can check out my audition set, which is embedded at Also, I’ll be on it again this Thursday, July 3rd. My management is looking for a distribution deal for the CD, which is slowing it’s release, and I may even re-record it, because I am insane. I’m hoping to become the much less known Axl Rose of Comedy. Awesome. The videos are coming along nicely, and I hope to start showing them soon.

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Dan Cummins: Comedy rising (from Punchline Magazine)

on January 21, 2008

What happens when a former psychology major with little direction – but with a wicked imagination – gets nudged onto a comedy stage? Seven years later, with high-profile Comedy Central gigs and national headlining shows booked into summer, the answer for stand-up comedian Dan Cummins is pleasantly positive.


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Dan Cummins (from

on January 09, 2008

Dan Cummins has gone through many incarnations since the year 2000, when he started doing stand-up. He has run through musical parodies, sketch comedy variations, characterizations and vitriolic rants. His pathway through the comedy circuit has landed him a prime piece of property on Comedy Central as their latest Comedy Central Presents… showcased talent. His career is one that is full of searching, refinement and finally achievement…



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Comedian Dan Cummins stirs up a crowd as part of Comedy Series (from The Times-Delphic)

on September 17, 2007

What happened Friday night that was hilarious? Dan Cummins, the first comedian of the Fall Comedy Series made an appearance and had the crowd laughing for an hour straight.



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Small-town Dan Cummins hits the big time (from Spokesman-Review)

on July 13, 2007

Spokane doesn’t have many comics starring in their own Comedy Central specials.  Millwood, on the other hand, has Dan Cummins.