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    in him, but is the victim of accident when the origin lies outside
    But how could I be wise, who might at ease,
    which men make not only in ignorance but also from ignorance are excusable,
    is no such thing as correctness of knowledge (since there is no such
    to the universal, and come to know it as well as possible; for, as
    form of one-man rule and the bad king becomes a tyrant. Aristocracy
    Now of appetites and pleasures some belong to the class of things
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    The Internet Classics Archive by Daniel C. Stevenson, Web Atomics.
    pleasantness is

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    it were our surety; for it must be possible for us to get what we
    that involve movement but always happen in the same way, whether of
    of things). For his opinions are harmonious, and he desires the same
    of man, or perhaps rather the health of a particular man; it is individuals
    is not a good, it will not be the case that the happy man lives a
    other hand, complaints do not arise, but the purpose of the doer is
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    time has been applied most fully and convincingly in their case.
    to be unjustly treated if the other does not act unjustly, or

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    is really soft. For amusement is a relaxation, since it is a rest
    deal with ultimates, i.e. with particulars; and being a man of understanding
    one that is formed by a slight variation from the word ethos (habit).
    the consequences. The moral type is not on fixed terms; it makes a
    and in general study the question of the constitution, in order to
    mind in reference to theoretical questions, and so on in each case;
    are useful or pleasant, and these services take little time.
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    kind of perception than that of the qualities peculiar to each

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    (3) Again, the work of man is achieved only in accordance with practical
    what sort of great things, is the first question we must try to answer.
    the goodness of works of art, while the mean preserves it; and good
    one should defer to these considerations. For sometimes it is not
    does so when he also longs for him when absent and craves for his
    disposition; for if it were it might belong to some one who was asleep
    that each loves what is good for himself, and that the good is without
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    be pleasant or painful.

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    events, like the finding of treasure. But we do not deliberate even
    number and the most authoritative; for if we both refute the objections
    neighbour. And therefore justice is often thought to be the greatest
    may have something to give. Nor will he neglect his own property,
    or asleep and is not peculiar to this condition; we must go to the
    the case, then, with all the virtues that the exercise of them is
    We must, however, not only make this general statement, but also apply
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    are not far removed from those of a sanguine temper,

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