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    the worse states.
    but honour from casual people and on trifling grounds he will utterly
    both fear and confidence and appetite and anger and pity and in general
    is when we have become so that we are most able to abstain from them;
    his work remains (for the noble is lasting), but for the person acted
    person who made promises to a lyre-player, promising him the more,
    is true, therefore, of the brave man as well as of others. But courage
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    in regard to objects of this sort that most people usually call lovers
    Of incontinence one kind is

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    man, how could they be friends when they neither approved of the same
    and learn all the more.
    who is fearless in face of a noble death, and of all emergencies that
    rarely combined. Now we have said that the good man is at the same
    leisure, and make war that we may live in peace. Now the activity
    it has been laid down is not indifferent, e.g. that a prisoner's ransom
    and therefore appears to delight in the lowing; and similarly he does
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    what he can. For friendship asks a man to do what he can, not what
    may also be good for them,

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    view, which is an old one and agreed on by philosophers. It is correct
    which it is concerned.
    and the right choice by which the one abides and the other does not?
    wish to become healthy, yet we do not learn the art of medicine. (3)
    be not a term appropriate to certain cases, e.g. to the person who
    befall the living or the dead (much more even than whether lawless
    to friendship as well; should a man neither be friendless nor have
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    not. It is therefore more disgraceful; for the man who is incontinent
    that there are two parts which grasp a

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    wisdom produce happiness; for, being a part of virtue entire, by being
    if it is not a strong conviction that resists but a weak one, as in
    aiming at the end is not self-chosen but one must be born with an
    with the gods-votive offerings, buildings, and sacrifices-and similarly
    The mean opposed to boastfulness is found in almost the same sphere;
    receive them and finding seats for them and so on; while to comrades
    and negligible, either in itself or for them, or if not, at least
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    Of the forms of incontinence, that of excitable people is more

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    as it were our burden, or-without that happening-their presence by
    what is right.
    for which reason they ought to lead them in the opposite direction,
    to relate to all kinds of things, no less to eternal things and impossible
    live together not only for the sake of reproduction but also for the
    we learn by doing them, e.g. men become builders by building and lyreplayers
    the man who under compulsion and unwillingly fails to return the deposit
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    of choice is good, and what is worthier of choice a greater good.
    and the

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