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    locked in a concordance-type mode and scrolling is automatic, which
    this, if you do not already know it. We recommend that you print out a
    If you cannot touch-type in Hebrew and your keyboard does not have
    of the two keys, Alt-A or Ctrl-A, you should use to mark the beginning
    rather than programming. We find this very rewarding as we acquire
    \MTR\MTR Mishneh Torah (*.M??)
    <a href=>reklama strony</a>
    Ctrl-V (hei) ("Hora'ot"): turn to preVious page in help manual.
    the Bible, we call them volumes -- and the same goes for the

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    that they contain Hebrew text; to a computer, they are no different
    certain editors and word processors, and if you try to save text to
    other programs, and under Windows.
    The correct syntax to accomplish this, using Pkware's PKUNZIP program,
    3rd row: sh - shin d - dalet g - gimel k - kaf A - Ayin
    Since the English alphabet and the other characters that appear on
    <a href=></a>
    on the one hand and <Enter> on the other work when resuming your search
    Both spellings of tefillin are used in the Talmud. If you use only one

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    We have provided .BAT files in the \MTR directory to make it easy to
    (Alef, for 'Onqelos), then <Enter>. Repeat the same sequence of
    If you do not enclose your search term in double-quote marks, MTR
    to go to: search for:
    Mechon Mamre or the version downloaded in zipped form from the
    used in the Hebrew text.
    <a href=></a>
    To run MTR with your DOS-based word processor, run mw.bat. This loads
    (Remember, from our simple searches, that a search "term" may be a
    your computer even though it may have been created in

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    These names are filenames, and MTR internally adds wildcard characters
    can send blocks of text to your DOS-based word processor (but not to
    Hebrew names of the above commands, whereas the association in English
    words, or phrases, up to a length of 75 characters. Hopefully you will
    Searches (Search Areas)," the method for limiting your searches to just
    <a href=>pozycjonowanie warszawa</a>
    usual way (consult your Windows documentation for help on adding a new
    If you plan to unload a TSR, keep in mind that subsequently

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