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    but their essence is not the same. Of the wisdom concerned with the
    one another, but differ from one another: for they are all concerned
    caused by pleasure), and the temperate man is so called because he
    in us must themselves also be in our power and voluntary.
    (1) some are voluntary and (2) others involuntary- voluntary such
    the states of the soul also not only that this true statement should
    which is tasteful; there is such a thing as saying- and again listening
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    alone are brutish, like some races of the distant barbarians, while
    it is for

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    have been short of food and have felt pain beforehand they are pleased
    virtue in the main owes both its birth and its growth to teaching
    (B) The remaining one is the rectificatory, which arises in connexion
    are so, and others thinking it has a better effect on our life to
    Again there is a third view, that even if all pleasures are good,
    It seems to be so in constitutional arrangements also; the man who
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    throughout his life, living the life of a plant, or, again, to some
    inferior to him who has done it, but the proud man wishes to

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    and the 'well' is thought to reside in the function, so would it seem
    a king over his subjects. These friendships imply superiority of one
    wish the greatest goods. But perhaps not all the greatest goods; for
    painful situations. The coward, then, is a despairing sort of person;
    But great expenditure is becoming to those who have suitable means
    be pleased quickly, not even in relation to some one else, while we
    of learning or training, to be among the most godlike things; for
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    and acts as courage directs.
    things for one another, or exchange one

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    the friends themselves; for in the case of this kind of friendship
    to be done, and these are ultimates. And intuitive reason is concerned
    life, and that children and the brutes pursue pleasure, are all refuted
    about and choose, actions concerning means must be according to choice
    is made is not an end in the unqualified sense (but only an end in
    did it under the influence of powerful appetite, and worse of him
    actually pursue not the pleasure they think they pursue nor that which
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    with complete virtue and is sufficiently equipped with external goods,
    such matters. Socrates, then, thought the virtues were rules or rational
    he who pursues the excesses of things pleasant-and shuns those of
    is always the same, any one would say that what is wise is the same
    that he is treating the state unjustly.
    not a different state of character.
    the most suitable are those that take place once for all, e.g. a wedding
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    do not; while the man who exceeds in confidence about what really
    destroy and pervert, e.g.

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