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    content-type, and can be changed with the edit-type command (default:
    sort by the trust of the key
    in the compose menu, the body of your message and attachments are
    delete-pattern D delete messages matching a pattern
    Default: no
    Note that if a regular expression contains parenthesis, or a veritical
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    Mutt expects that the specified program interprets additional
    if their value is nonzero. For example, you may only want to see the
    the format <key name> and <function name>. For a listing of key names
    for bold and

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    expand the address in place. If there are multiple responses, mutt
    read-subthread ESC r mark the current subthread as read
    Default: ask-no
    Instead, the principal key will inherit the subkeys' capabilities.
    Default: "unseen"
    <Up> history-up recall previous string from history
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    sort o sort messages
    clear-flag (default: W)
    See the newsgroup comp.mail.mutt.
    extract-keys ^K extract PGP public keys
    server from closing them before mutt has finished with them. The
    5. Mutt's MIME Support
    date or date-sent

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    the string "From " in the beginning of a line. Useful to avoid the
    With resend-message, mutt takes the current message as a template for
    6.3.177 read_inc
    When writing a mailbox, a message will be printed every write_inc
    Type: string
    4.9. Delivery Status Notification (DSN) Support
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    When set, help lines describing the bindings for the major functions
    Polling for new mail on an IMAP server can cause noticeable delays.
    -a attach a file to a message
    6.3.91. mark_old
    returned to the compose menu. The following options

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    display-toggle-weed h display message and toggle header weeding
    ~F flagged messages
    6.3.145. forward_decrypt
    6.3.175. quit
    certificate that is signed with one of these CA certificates are also
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    text/html; lynx -dump %s | more
    * message is tagged
    send-hook ~Cb@b.b my_hdr from: c@c.c
    content-type must match before Mutt performs the test. For
    will be attached to the message you are sending.

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    # Use xanim to view all videos Xanim produces a header on startup,
    has a Mail-Followup-To header, mutt will respect this header if the
    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
    messages all at once rather than one at a time. An example might be
    indicates the message number (however, this is may not correspond to
    you can change any attachment's content type. These changes are not
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    mutt -s "data set for run #2" < ~/run2.dat
    undelete-subthread ESC u undelete all messages in subthread

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