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    This flag specifies the command to use to create a new
    saved. When an unknown certificate is encountered, you are asked if
    previous-line < scroll up one line
    edit-mime m edit attachment using mailcap entry
    are two extra types of configuration files which Mutt uses. One is
    3.8. Ignoring (weeding) unwanted message headers
    <a href=>ranking pralek ładowanych od góry</a>
    Changing settings for this menu will affect the default bindings for
    addresses will be qualified.
    to fix, for instance, bogus character set parameters. When invoked

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    6.3.218. suspend
    Type: regular expression
    Default: yes
    delete uninteresting threads and quickly find topics of value.
    When unset, the header fields normally added by the ````my_hdr''''
    If you prefer reverse order of the above values, prefix it with
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    they may or may not be available in stock libraries on various
    6.3.216. status_on_top
    sendmail on your machine doesn't support that command line switch.
    5.3.4. Example mailcap files
    will work regardless of the current key bindings, so they are not
    their special meaning inside lists.

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    This variable specifies what "real" or "personal" name should be used
    A regular expression used in the internal-pager to determine quoted
    resulting in two copies of the same email for you.
    shown in the help screens.
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    Type: number
    Type: sort order
    Type: regular expression
    display the current bindings.
    flag-message F toggle a message's 'important' flag
    6.3.7 alternates
    Type: boolean
    This will cause lynx to format the text/html output as text/plain
    Default: mbox
    can then use the test feature to determine which

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    to a well-defined set of safe characters. This is the safe setting,
    Type: sort order
    message's body (surrounded by indicating lines) or including it as a
    Usage: fcc-save-hook <>]pattern mailbox
    search / search for a regular expression
    6.3.85 keep_flagged
    <a href=>ranking pralek gorenje</a>
    ``$honor_followup_to'' configuration variable is set. Using list-
    1. Introduction
    ESC s decode a message and save it to a folder
    Specifies how to sort messages in the index menu. Valid values are:
    6.3.70 imap_delim_chars

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    If set, automatically PGP sign replies to messages which are
    pattern will select all messages which do not contain ``mutt'' in the
    can lead to security problems in general. Mutt tries to quote
    Certain named classes of characters are predefined. Character classes
    6.3.154. pipe_decode
    terminal to the view program until the program quits, at which time
    <a href=>ranking pralek a+++</a>
    6.3.37 dsn_notify
    6.4.6. attach
    Type: boolean
    to ,<old file name> in mh folders instead of really deleting them. If
    change this value, as it tends to agitate the more fanatical

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