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    edit the header of your message along with the body.
    Default: ""
    Type: boolean
    character in that list; if the first character of the list is a caret
    you are at the end of a message and invoke the next-page function.
    is set, this option will have no effect.
    <a href=>pralki ranking</a>
    MIME attachment, depending on the value of the ``$mime_forward''
    reply to the current message from this menu, and only the current
    4.5 External Address Queries
    search-opposite not bound search for next match in opposite direction
    the ````$pipe_sep'''' separator is added after

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    6.3.2. abort_unmodified
    Default: ""
    %F file permissions
    the file specified by the ``$alias_file'' variable for future use.
    Default: yes
    U undelete messages matching a pattern
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    the builtin editor.
    can lead to security problems in general. Mutt tries to quote
    (`` '').
    names are part of the symbolic names, and must be included in addition
    6.3.42 encode_from
    rename-file R rename/move an attached file
    WWW space like, it is efficient to get a menu
    previous-entry K move to

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    parameters. You want to set this variable when mutt suggests you to
    3.1. Syntax of Initialization Files
    A list of character sets for outgoing messages. Mutt will use the
    (`` '').
    bound to a sequence rather than a single keystroke. Also, the help
    Type: string
    <a href=>ranking pralek</a>
    Default: "-%Z- %C/%m: %-20.20n %s"
    by Michael Elkins <>
    Hooks that act upon messages (send-hook, save-hook, fcc-hook, message-
    Type: string
    %u unlink (=to delete) flag
    check-traditional-pgp (default: ESC P)
    ````$save_name'''', ````$force_name'''' and

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    application, text, image, video, audio, and model have been approved
    current-top not bound move current entry to top of page
    *) The forms <<MAX>, ><MIN>, <MIN>- and -<MAX> are allowed, too.
    Note that this command is also available on the ``compose menu''.
    subdirectories of the mailbox: tmp, new and cur. Filenames for the
    ~h EXPR messages which contain EXPR in the message header
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    O message is old
    Type: quadoption
    Default: no
    To use it, you'll have to obey certain restrictions. Most important,
    time you

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    Default: yes
    6.3.230 user_agent
    text/html; lynx %s
    3.4 Defining aliases for character sets
    6.3.114. pager_stop
    The preceding item is matched at least n times, but no more than
    <a href=>ranking pralek</a>
    T tag messages matching a pattern
    T message is to you, but also to or cc'ed to others
    also enter aliases in your editor at the appropriate headers if you
    The default file in which to save aliases created by the ````create-
    See also: ``$strict_threads''.
    You do not need to specify the full header field name. For example,
    next-new TAB jump

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