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    value is a positive or negative integer. A message's final score is
    6.3.113. pager_index_lines
    See ``Message Matching in Hooks'' for information on the exact format
    execute arbitrary commands before performing some operation. For
    Usage: save-hook <>]pattern filename
    <a href=>ranking najlepszych pralek 2013</a>
    Matches the empty string at the beginning of a word.
    6.3.135. pgp_decrypt_command
    %o number of old unread messages
    when sending 8-bit messages to enable ESMTP negotiation.
    redirect input from the file you wish to send. For example,

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    If set, automatically PGP sign replies to messages which are signed.
    3.5. Setting variables based upon mailbox
    source /usr/local/share/Mutt.aliases
    6.3.65 history
    appended to the message.
    the rename-file command (default: R). The final field is the
    <a href=>ranking pralek</a>
    Default: no
    prompt you for your password when you open POP mailbox. Warning: you
    The unscore command removes score entries from the list. You must
    6.3.77. imap_peek
    Also see ``edit_headers''.
    5.1. Using MIME in Mutt
    When unset, the header fields normally added by the ````my_hdr''''

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    applied to all tagged messages if that operation can be used in that
    Type: boolean
    6.3.166. postpone
    D delete messages matching a pattern
    Type: path
    certificate store when checking if server certificate is signed by a
    <a href=>ranking pralek energooszczędnych</a>
    version 3 betas, of which the latest appears to be called 2.9b23.
    mutt -s "data set for run #2" < ~/run2.dat
    ~n <MIN>-<MAX> messages with a score in the range MIN to MAX *)
    ESC s decode a message and save it to a folder
    From the command line you can use the ``-p''

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    Type: boolean
    For example, if you simply type joe at a search or limit prompt, Mutt
    Default: 300
    6.3.111. pager_context
    <a href=>ranking pralek energooszczędnych</a>
    A sample mime.types file comes with the Mutt distribution, and should
    c There are unknown critical self-signature
    ~z <MIN>-<MAX> messages with a size in the range MIN to MAX *)
    Default: no
    encrypted. This naturally requires that the server supports SSL
    6.3.188. reverse_realname
    This command is used to save outgoing mail in a mailbox other than

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    mail m compose a new mail message
    6.3.8. arrow_cursor
    6.3.53 forward_format
    default folder for saving a mail. If ````$save_name'''' or
    Note that not all servers use / as the hierarchy separator. Mutt
    Default: ""
    <a href=>ranking jakości pralek 2012</a>
    be shown. The match is always case-sensitive.
    entry has a needsterminal flag, Mutt will use ``$wait_key'' and
    value matches if the message is either from a user matching the
    6.3.226. tunnel
    but has its own set of printf()-like sequences:
    spool mailbox.

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