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    to switch between MIME and not MIME from mail to mail, set this
    key, usually ``control-Z''. This is useful if you run mutt inside an
    Type: boolean
    This command will send a message to ``'' with a
    ie: imap://imapserver:port/INBOX.
    %k key id
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    This command extracts PGP public keys from the current or tagged
    rest of the string are expanded in the C locale (that is in US
    For example, if you simply type joe at a search or limit prompt, Mutt
    ``account-hook'' pattern command
    S skip beyond quoted text

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    %c capabilities
    6 cyan
    appended to the message.
    ^~C \.de$
    Type: boolean
    Used in connection with the pipe-message command and the ``tag-
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    Default: ""
    6.3.173. prompt_after
    variable to ask-no or ask-yes.
    contains the text. Use this variable if the exit code from the command
    The various commands defined in the mailcap files are passed to the
    Also see ````$forward_decode'''' and ````$mime_forward_decode''''.
    6.3.134. pgp_verify_command
    Default: "/."
    ^~C \.de$
    previous-line BackSpace scroll up one line
    If specified, this

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    text/html; netscape -remote 'openURL(%s)' ; test=RunningX
    has an ASCII value of 0xf4, then this is treated as if the user had
    An example multiple response output:
    system alongside the documentation.
    Where the Description is the description or filename given for the
    operations to a group of attachments at once, by tagging the
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    the filtered message is read from the standard output.
    expression matches any string formed by concatenating two substrings
    GSSAPI, CRAM-MD5, and LOGIN (there is a patch by Grant

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    Default: no
    Type: string
    6.3.143 pgp_list_secring_command
    of an IMAP 'AUTH=xxx' capability string, eg 'digest-md5', parameter is
    new messages in a mailbox: %?n?%n new messages.?
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    folders located on a remote IMAP server.
    possibly followed by the symbol "+", indicating that the entry
    also enter aliases in your editor at the appropriate headers if you
    2.3 Reading Mail - The Index and Pager
    Type: number
    If set to ``yes'', mutt will look for a mailcap entry with the
    ``function reference''.
    addition, the use of this keyword

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    user ID matching one of the message recipients' mail addresses.
    6.3.111 pager_context
    Default: ""
    IANA MIME types. The other is the mailcap file, which specifies the
    encrypted connections. To access a folder with IMAP/SSL, you should
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    foreground and background can be one of the following:
    server and INBOX is the special name for your spool mailbox on the
    6.3.32. delete
    6.3.3 alias_file
    id is. A question mark (?) indicates undefined validity, a minus
    Default: "^(re(<><>-9\]+])*|aw):<>\t]*"

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