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    6.3.57. hdrs
    3.11 Defining mailboxes which receive mail
    6.3.68. ignore_list_reply_to
    ````$mime_forward_decode'''' is unset.
    information, Mutt will assume that the file is plain text, and mark it
    %t * if the file is tagged, blank otherwise
    <a href=>ranking pralek z wsadem od góry</a>
    mailing lists, and which mailing lists you are subscribed to. Once
    delete-message d delete the current entry
    Default: ""
    can add semi-colon ';' separated fields to set flags and other
    through the use of the ``lists and subscribe'' commands in your

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    ~l message is addressed to a known mailing list
    6.3.117 pgp_ignore_subkeys
    ~t USER messages addressed to USER
    Default: no
    2.3.2 The Pager
    The locale used by strftime(3) to format dates. Legal values are the
    <a href=>ranking pralek</a>
    The following keys are bound by default:
    stop at a particular entry if there is a match. Negative final scores
    Type: quadoption
    the string "From " in the beginning of a line. Useful to avoid the
    6.3.98. meta_key
    bug where they will check the mailcap file for a viewer for text/html.
    %Y `x-label' field, if present,

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    ````$signature''''. It is strongly recommended that you not unset
    you have set sort=reverse-threads.) Note: For reversed ````$sort''''
    weakly certified user ID fields, or where no matching keys can be
    ESC u undelete-subthread undelete all messages in the current subthread
    Type: boolean
    Default: -1
    <a href=>ranking pralek ladowanych od gory</a>
    current-middle not bound move current entry to middle of page
    megabytes. The next field is the filename, which can be changed with
    0 wait forever for sendmail to finish
    displayed before each message in

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    ^K kill-eol delete to the end of the line
    Type: boolean
    sending mail to a specific address, you could do something like:
    %F file permissions
    Usage: color object foreground background <>regexp ]
    <a href=>pralki ranking</a>
    file to see if it has already been looked at. If check_new is unset,
    default, Mutt will display the line after the last one on the screen
    move the messages to another machine, and reply to some the messages
    6.3.196 score_threshold_read
    Default: yes
    Type: string
    6.3.210. sort_aux
    Upper-case alphabetic

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    should only use this option when you are on a fairly secure machine,
    display-address @ display full address of sender
    chain selection screen. The following printf-like sequences are
    Pressing TAB in the directory browser will bring up a menu showing the
    %p number of postponed messages *
    <a href=>ranking niezawodności pralek automatycznych</a>
    When set, mutt will quoted-printable encode messages when they contain
    show-version V show the Mutt version number and date
    6.4.3 pager
    Your login name on the POP server.

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