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Anything Goes

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------------- 0 n/a
want to unload b, you must unload d and c and then b. In most cases, 0 n/a
This is useful for going straight to a particular volume, chapter, 0 n/a
Alt-X (samech) ("Sefer", book): Go to the neXt book. 0 n/a
also hope that you will see steady improvements to the program with 0 n/a
e.g. To read Hilchot De`ot in Sefer Hammada` 0 n/a
We have also covered: Starting up and exiting MTR, selecting a Book, 0 n/a
("Miqra", in Hebrew). 0 n/a
Each book opens up, initially, at a main page (like the contents page 0 n/a
1. OVERVIEW 0 n/a
in your search, MTR will not find any occurrences of the other. 0 n/a
Deletes everything between the cursor position and the 0 n/a
13. HOMONYMS 0 n/a
repeatedly to cycle through them. 0 n/a
term, you must, of course, also put the spaces inside the quotes 0 n/a
from MTR, and then reopen MTR.TXT with the added saved text. Note, 0 n/a
1 entering your search term 0 n/a
The layout of the text files in the MTR package is logical ordering. 0 n/a
of the Bible uses both and is not consistent in its usage, even for the 0 n/a
that are also names of Bible volumes. The fifth volume of the Bible, 0 n/a
program which remains present in memory, even when it is not being 0 n/a
has been divided into several halachot, or several halachot have been 0 n/a
The use of the first two symbols is standard in most printed Hebrew 0 n/a
AND: To find two terms occurring together, put a plus sign 0 n/a
3.3 to DOS 7, and under Windows 3.x or Windows 9x. In order to use it, 0 n/a