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of music. For while people experienced in any department judge rightly 0 n/a
circumstances repeat their saying; for if we dismiss pleasure thus 0 n/a
friends with him. But qua man one can; for there seems to be some 0 n/a
unjust man. Each is in some sense worse; for a bad man will do ten 0 n/a
as friends who are companions seem to do. 0 n/a
a certain kind; it is because the states of character correspond to 0 n/a
a legislator, or judge which are best? Even medical men do not seem 0 n/a
every one who is without it craves for food or drink, and sometimes 0 n/a
Therefore those who love for the sake of utility love for the sake 0 n/a
is to shoemaker, the amount of the shoemaker's work is to that of 0 n/a
receive them and finding seats for them and so on; while to comrades 0 n/a
Now incontinence and continence are concerned with that which is in 0 n/a
indeed, but not graspingly (e.g. the man who throws away his shield 0 n/a
would their temperate acts be? Is not such praise tasteless, since 0 n/a
And this becomes men's nature in the end. 0 n/a
simply and another good for a particular person), natural constitutions 0 n/a
the consequences. The moral type is not on fixed terms; it makes a 0 n/a
are separated as the parts of the body or of anything divisible are, 0 n/a
an influence on our life. 0 n/a
to have self-control according as his reason has or has not the control, 0 n/a
Happiness extends, then, just so far as contemplation does, and those 0 n/a
man to say and listen to such things as befit a good and well-bred 0 n/a
and in all other matters in which the law has left people free to 0 n/a
in general of descendants. And this also presents a problem; for though 0 n/a
state from vice. 0 n/a