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offences against his own person. Of all exercises of mercy none is more 0 n/a
of much variety and fluctuation of opinion, so that they may be thought 0 n/a
commonwealth, but also its principal constituent. Xenophon and Aristotle 0 n/a
sword is transferred to them in person. ... 0 n/a
of the world put together. From jealousy of their predecessors 0 n/a
3. A Medici who governed Florence through the Cardinal Passerini. Hence 0 n/a
they hold of the prince just as does any other magistrate. Only 0 n/a
those among living men in whom these conditions are, and are to be, 0 n/a
stands by his choice; but incontinent man is likely to repent. This 0 n/a
to a small extent, any more than they can be friends, since they aim 0 n/a
is for all governments. The term protection can be applied in a general 0 n/a
a good friend. But the state in question differs from friendship in 0 n/a
circumstances an ignorant people is moved to contempt for the laws, and 0 n/a
an inequality between the parties, e.g. that of father to son and 0 n/a
the former in many other respects), that they appear not to be friendships; 0 n/a
tyrant, however cruel, who has not some virtue, or laudable quality. For 0 n/a
those that are ruled on the other. This is the cause of the disputes about 0 n/a
way just as the coward is, not in the sense of being wicked all round, 0 n/a
their accomplishment. His book is therefore a work of the same mixed 0 n/a
the saying 'noble deeds from noble men'.-So much, then, for friendship; 0 n/a
which depends on excess and that which depends on defect; and again 0 n/a
justice exists only between men whose mutual relations are governed 0 n/a
no universal judgement but only imagination and memory of particulars. 0 n/a
must we to 'harming another, with knowledge both of the person acted 0 n/a
said had he been present, and would have put into his law if he had 0 n/a