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represent the Hebrew alphabet. 0 n/a
restrict this to just one volume by using a full volume-name, or you 0 n/a
unspecified location by specifying the text you want to find. 0 n/a
running MTRFONTS.COM. 0 n/a
represent things such as box-drawing characters, additional 0 n/a
Win9x long directory name). 0 n/a
Tractate Shabbat, ch 5 " sh b t <space> p r q <space> h " m w A 0 n/a
They stand for the following: 0 n/a
We must warn you not to search for anything that occurs too commonly 0 n/a
We must warn you not to search for anything that occurs too commonly 0 n/a
Mishneh Torah, The Bible, Mishnah, Tosefta, Yerushalmi, Bavli, then 0 n/a
abrasive finger-contact during typing, and the ink would tend to wear 0 n/a
(For the same reason, old versions of MTR cannot be run directly from 0 n/a
future releases, in which all the limitations mentioned above will have 0 n/a
used the browsing functions to move elsewhere from there. 0 n/a
Keep in mind that if you change only one of these criteria, the other 0 n/a
named haqdamah. Within that volume, the location tags are of one the 0 n/a
simple text-searches for single words or phrases up to 75 characters in 0 n/a
divisions. In the Bible, for example, the volume names all begin with 0 n/a
<Enter> within a text, finds the next occurrence of the item 0 n/a
If you do not enclose your search term in double-quote marks, MTR 0 n/a
The location tag for each passage is of the form: b tttt daf #,# 0 n/a
1 boolean a "or" b search 0 n/a
We have also covered: Starting up and exiting MTR, selecting a Book, 0 n/a