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width by left-padding shorter lines with spaces. Such padding makes 0 n/a
2 boolean a "and" b search 0 n/a
of Word that have fixed this bug). Dagesh works consistently like 0 n/a
characters) to disk. Each time it starts up, MTR automatically reads 0 n/a
3. What happens next depends on which of the two methods mentioned at 0 n/a
1. You search for "pesach" in Sefer Nashim, 0 n/a
familiar to you.) 0 n/a
no matter how large it is (up to 2 GB!), so you may at times want to 0 n/a
vvvv are the last four letters of the volume names listed on the 0 n/a
the Mishneh Torah are identified by a three-letter prefix. (The Rambam 0 n/a
in order to do this, you must get MTRDEL by email from us and run it. 0 n/a
line widths to 80 characters, or slightly less, to fit a standard DOS 0 n/a
best known to itself, generally turns every parenthesis at the end of a 0 n/a
MTRTSR .DAT internal data file (not for printing). 0 n/a
1 structure of mtr files 0 n/a
into exhaustive details of exactly which changes are fatal, we point 0 n/a
3. You search for "sukkah" in the same place, 0 n/a
"T" (Tet) is to be distinguished from "t" (tav) here. 0 n/a
text transfer, press MTRTSR's "hot-key" combination (left-shift 0 n/a
single-quote mark (`) so as to distinguish between an ayin and an 0 n/a
internet, but you must first uninstall any old MTR version. 0 n/a
pożyczki online 0 n/a
pożyczki online 0 n/a
pozyczki online 0 n/a