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to be the best end, and political science spends most of its pains 0 n/a
those who observe him with the closest attention with a view to 0 n/a
have to go back to his own kind. 0 n/a
prohibit the sale of these articles. Men are so made by nature that they 0 n/a
with the ultimate particular, which is the object not of scientific 0 n/a
result of either external causes, such as his diet, or internal causes 0 n/a
other are not the same, nor those of comrades and those of fellow-citizens, 0 n/a
with them; at the same time it will become plain how many they are. 0 n/a
not expressly permit suicide, and what it does not expressly permit 0 n/a
to his own craft by knowing this 'good itself', or how the man who 0 n/a
time actually act accordingly). When, then, the universal opinion 0 n/a
things spends according to the merits of the case is not called magnificent 0 n/a
for all these things bring with them greatness and prestige. Primarily, 0 n/a
more than one end, and we choose some of these (e.g. wealth, flutes, 0 n/a
proceeds from universals. There are therefore starting-points from 0 n/a
a spontaneous gift of nature), though they may perhaps become more 0 n/a
who did not enjoy liberal actions; and similarly in all other cases. 0 n/a
then, that the magnificent man be also liberal. For the liberal man 0 n/a
But who is to fix the worth of the service; he who makes the sacrifice 0 n/a
organ in relation to the finest of its objects. And this activity 0 n/a
Of some such kind are the difficulties that arise; some of these points 0 n/a
is a mean; and similarly we shall treat also of the rational virtues. 0 n/a
say political science aims at and what is the highest of all goods 0 n/a
Hence the people who are at the extremes lay claim to the middle place; 0 n/a
extent and as the right rule dictates; but if a man had only this 0 n/a