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<Esc> Erases the command line, if any; or exits MTR, if none exists. 0 n/a
2 pasting blocks of text from mtr into your word processor 0 n/a
command to go back to the previous file. We hope to fix 0 n/a
the terms used here, see the appendix, sections A2 and A3. 0 n/a
in DOS or with DOS-based programs. You may therefore wish to copy it 0 n/a
book without conducting any search in between. 0 n/a
from left to right on the screen, making it appear mirror-reversed 0 n/a
switch you back to MTRTSR. 0 n/a
currently selected book, but they include the entire book. 0 n/a
of their own. Depending on the context, they can be volume 0 n/a
save disk space; if needed, MTR will recreate them automatically), 0 n/a
or " h , a " m w A - sh b t 0 n/a
mw.bat so that it will run your word processor directly instead of 0 n/a
Deletes everything up to, but not including, the next 0 n/a
at either the main page or within a text. The difference between the 0 n/a
Rajasthan A fantasy place to go for tourists 0 n/a
control characters, called "carriage-return" and "line-feed", are used 0 n/a
-Returns to the location of the item last found, after having 0 n/a
4 talmud yerushalmi 0 n/a
2 two copies of mtr 0 n/a
They stand for the following: 0 n/a
command to go back to the previous file. We hope to fix 0 n/a
but not to be confused with, the "nikkud" (vowel pointing) used in 0 n/a
Try searching for "shabbat" + "mo`ed". Enter: 0 n/a
programs (which normally need to be exited before you can run another 0 n/a