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Translation of "The Deeds of the Divine Augustus" by Augustus is 0 n/a
the sayings 'like to like', 'birds of a feather flock together', and 0 n/a
and similarly educated are more akin in character; and the test of 0 n/a
the man who is defective in respect of resistance to the things which 0 n/a
in athletic contests; for the end at which boxers aim is pleasant- 0 n/a
in all discussions, any more than in all the products of the crafts. 0 n/a
deceiver; he will complain with more justice than one does against 0 n/a
an activity of immobility, and pleasure is found more in rest than 0 n/a
in the strict sense, and of these the latter involves practical wisdom. 0 n/a
for it is not this that we are considering, but whether it is identical 0 n/a
are defined, seem to have proceeded from a man's relations to himself. 0 n/a
to virtue, for as a result of virtue men tend to do noble deeds, but 0 n/a
thus see better the nature of happiness. The true student of politics, 0 n/a
that we got these senses, but on the contrary we had them before we 0 n/a
that in virtue of which a man will put up with, and will resent, the 0 n/a
whether good or evil penetrates to them, it must be something weak 0 n/a
next-new TAB jump to the next new message 0 n/a
<delete> Delete 0 n/a
6.3.71. imap_force_ssl 0 n/a
b edit-bcc edit the Bcc field 0 n/a
Note that ``$indent_string'' is ignored when this option is set. 0 n/a
~g PGP signed messages 0 n/a
messages are chosen in such a way they are unique, even when two 0 n/a
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