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raises the question as to whether it is permissible to treat with pagans 0 n/a
the liberal man take from wrong sources; for such taking is not characteristic 0 n/a
universal system. In the Novum Theatrum Naturae of 1594 he set out to 0 n/a
even if these owing to their ignorance give them nothing of a mother's 0 n/a
they make with one another. What is more, there are those so perfidious 0 n/a
be called irascible, and his vice irascibility, and the man who falls 0 n/a
being drawn from the thing itself; for because one extreme is nearer 0 n/a
is significant of a newly developing doctrine of rights inherent in the 0 n/a
a monarchy with a popular government, and this is the most secure kind of 0 n/a
other people's. The one avenges injuries done to his subjects but pardons 0 n/a
others it is easier. With others therefore his activity will be more 0 n/a
They say that if pain is an evil it does not follow that pleasure 0 n/a
property [V, ii], the rules relating to eligibility for office and the terms 0 n/a
the husband is regarded as the master of his wife's actions, and entitled 0 n/a
really think the state served? In book I it is said that it exists to 0 n/a
must be founded in a philosophy of the state indicating ends. 0 n/a
monarchy, expounded in his great speech to the Estates in 1560, were in 0 n/a
the laws and ordinances. ... 0 n/a
task and life is not long enough for its performance. Therefore friends 0 n/a
they need people to live with and to make the objects of their beneficence; 0 n/a
the knowledge, and accepted the amount so fixed. But in such matters 0 n/a
less than they should are hardly found; for such insensibility is 0 n/a
the same as, or something like what, he gives; which is what ought 0 n/a
the latter in each case is benefited by that which uses it, but there 0 n/a
they unite in bad pursuits, and besides they become evil by becoming 0 n/a