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from the rest of the name. The prefix identifies the division to which 0 n/a
3 specifying your search-scope 0 n/a
means, don't worry -- it will all become clear). For such searches, 0 n/a
will become clear later. 0 n/a
and, if there is a further occurrence, the text display jumps to its 0 n/a
- -r- switch in command line now is default for all commands 0 n/a
Also Task Manager doesn't show real memory usage of program, if 7-Zip uses large pages. 0 n/a
3.09.02 2003-09-20 0 n/a
- New small SFX module for installers (in Extra package). 0 n/a
- Now it's possible to specify the size of solid block and the number 0 n/a
- Optional auto renaming for existing files during extraction 0 n/a
other application. 7-Zip just skips that file and shows warning. 0 n/a
- 7-Zip now supports right-click Drag and Drop in Explorer 0 n/a
The following is the list of available functions listed by the mapping 0 n/a
6.3.206 smileys 0 n/a
Type: string 0 n/a
ie: pop://popserver:port/. 0 n/a
This command is used to set (and unset) ``configuration variables''. 0 n/a
\n newline 0 n/a
the toggle-subscribed command. See also the ``$imap_list_subscribed'' 0 n/a
text/html; lynx -dump %s; copiousoutput 0 n/a
before viewing or formatting a message based upon information about 0 n/a
6.3.170 print_command 0 n/a
6.3.201 sig_dashes 0 n/a
messages are chosen in such a way they are unique, even when two 0 n/a