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cause is that such wisdom is concerned not only with universals but 0 n/a
unjust... Have we not all seen subjects arm themselves against their 0 n/a
and that they tend, and by their own nature, to the doing of the acts 0 n/a
For this same reason justice, alone of the virtues, is thought to 0 n/a
and the bells dismantled, and imposed a fine of one hundred and twenty 0 n/a
Oh.. Where was I? Oh, yes. Inspection. 0 n/a
the fact. But it seems to me that both these principles can be accepted if 0 n/a
bishops, and various officials, and even subjects of sovereign princes. As a 0 n/a
desire to concern themselves with politics. ... 0 n/a
for effeminacy too is a kind of softness; such a man trails his cloak 0 n/a
as just and temperate men do them. It is well said, then, that it 0 n/a
Baloo: I give up, I told ya. Oh, I give-- 0 n/a
Anaxagoras, Thales, and men like them have philosophic but not practical 0 n/a
who joke in a tasteful way are called ready-witted, which implies 0 n/a
A common response was, "That's an interesting problem, but it's not our 0 n/a
middle region display a mean of virtue, between obstinacy and frivolity. 0 n/a
...WHEN the head of the family leaves the household over which he presides 0 n/a
[Shere Khan pulls Kaa by the tail, making a doorbell sound] 0 n/a
Those who quickly show the marks of friendship to each other wish 0 n/a
usufruct, but simply of administration, and they must, once the expenses 0 n/a
ignored. From the intruder's widespread success, it appears that users, 0 n/a
and moral aptitudes. This being so it is obvious that the forms of law and 0 n/a
distinction it was, in an age of rising fanaticism, to hold that the state 0 n/a
exhaustively searching for such information, he scanned for plain-text 0 n/a
for it is a difficult and lofty thing to be superior to the former, 0 n/a