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wish; doing so will not crash your system, but texts you paste from 0 n/a
text window to the left of the margin reserved for the location 0 n/a
<Ctrl-R>. This works both at the main page and within the text. 0 n/a
Under DOS, it depends on your word processor and whether you are 0 n/a
main pages of the Mishnah, Tosefta, Yerushalmi, and Bavli, the volumes 0 n/a
wish; doing so will not crash your system, but texts you paste from 0 n/a
but remember that it is copyrighted and that you need written 0 n/a
not necessarily stay in MTR's native directory, but in the latter case, 0 n/a
to your general utilities directory as well. 0 n/a
The other books of the oral law have not, so far. 0 n/a
<Up> Exactly the same as down. (Note: searches forward!) 0 n/a
<Enter> within a text, finds the next occurrence of the item 0 n/a
directory with a directory-sort program, or by use of the /S option 0 n/a
from the rest of the name. The prefix identifies the division to which 0 n/a
"mwAd" will find mo`ed, bemo`ed, mo`adot, or bemo`adot 0 n/a
abbreviation symbol. (DOS's FIND program also uses the same solution.) 0 n/a
of the Bible in two separate sets of files. The version that will be 0 n/a
9.21 beta 2011-04-11 0 n/a
- New localization: Afrikaans 0 n/a
7z a -mf=delta:4 a.7z a.wav 0 n/a
2.30 Beta 30 2003-04-19 0 n/a
- Quotes in list files in console version 0 n/a
2.30 Beta 2 2001-08-30 0 n/a
- New program architecture with external 0 n/a
4.26 beta 2005-08-05 0 n/a