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Questions About the Band

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our numbering is different, we have added in parentheses in the form [] 0 n/a
" r sh b " " y " " r ' sh m A w N" " r b y sh m A w N " 0 n/a
From the Bible's main page, 0 n/a
attributed to the Rambam (which in the original also includes his 0 n/a
- HELP KEY 0 n/a
Similar volume-naming schemes are used in all of MTR's books. In the 0 n/a
displaying a Hebrew document -- even a DOS-standard, plain-text file. 0 n/a
" y w M T w b sh n y " - " b z m N h z h " 0 n/a
16.1 WHAT AND WHERE 0 n/a
for) but not the old search scope. Instead, the new search scope will 0 n/a
haShirim, Kohelet, Echah, and Esther) have been similarly combined into 0 n/a
2.30 Beta 13 2002-01-31 0 n/a
- Self extract capability for 7z format. 0 n/a
Note: previous versions of 7-Zip had bug, so they can not unpack 0 n/a
- 7-Zip now can use large memory pages: 0 n/a
far7zip2.reg files. There is new far7z.reg file. 0 n/a
- Opening archive inside archive 0 n/a
2.30 Beta 8 2001-12-21 0 n/a
- New localizations: Extremaduran, Malay 0 n/a
- -x switch with relative paths now affects files specified with absolute paths 0 n/a
- Compressing speed and Memory requirements were increased. 0 n/a
- Opening archive inside archive 0 n/a
- 7-Zip now can unpack UDF, XAR and DMG/HFS archives. 0 n/a
%|X 0 n/a
verify-key c verify a PGP public key 0 n/a