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excess in the amount spent on right objects, but by showy expenditure 0 n/a
of fact equitable. For the man who loves truth, and is truthful where 0 n/a
things for one another, or exchange one thing for another, e.g. pleasure 0 n/a
a single ruler, on whom the effectiveness of all the rest depends. A 0 n/a
History of the Indies[7] that Magellan found in those territories which 0 n/a
Mowgli: No sir. I know what you're trying to do, Kaa. 0 n/a
bad may be a friend to any sort of person, but for their own sake 0 n/a
those who observe him with the closest attention with a view to 0 n/a
to force. The character, then, must somehow be there already with 0 n/a
little, in order that the grace may be more lasting, and punishments 0 n/a
So much does Bodin insist on power as the distinguishing mark of the state 0 n/a
aims at this. Hence choice is either desiderative reason or ratiocinative 0 n/a
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noble or base acts, and likewise in our power not to do them, and 0 n/a
inhabitants of Candia said, their motherland. They made no distinction 0 n/a
governing, good or bad. But sovereignty remains in the monarch in one 0 n/a
on the assumption that he will receive the equivalent; so the assistance 0 n/a
in these we may be mistaken. 0 n/a
the prince and inseparable from his sovereignty, so that the magistrate 0 n/a
of no account expect to be friends with the best or wisest men. In 0 n/a
Mowgli (with mouth even fuller): Yes, sir. I'll do anything to stay in the 0 n/a
counsel ... Where subjects see edicts and mandates issued contrary to 0 n/a
operation. Nevertheless one cannot get over the fact that another element 0 n/a
according to the method which has been indicated. 0 n/a
for men journey together with a view to some particular advantage, 0 n/a