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the Imperial Cities to the number of about seventy, who have the remaining 0 n/a
his not giving pain, or even giving delight, to the hearer? Or is 0 n/a
eventually. But the transformation that is accomplished slowly is the 0 n/a
they should in amusement and in jestinly. and so even buffoons are 0 n/a
laws of all princes whatsoever. ... 0 n/a
into the constitutions of Greek city states, only he did what Aristotle did 0 n/a
is thought to be a friendly quality. 0 n/a
only goods, but women and children. The consequence was that tyrants became 0 n/a
Philip of Castile and Mary, Queen of England, contrary principles were 0 n/a
we may say that there is nothing strange in breaking off a friendship 0 n/a
the possessions of others, thieves and villains. If one must take 0 n/a
citizens, the greater check there is on factious seditions. For there 0 n/a
spoken of. More laws were published in Rome and Athens than all the rest 0 n/a
and property, to the stupid, ignorant, and passionate, as well as to the 0 n/a
by them, for desiring and loving them, but for doing so in a certain 0 n/a
a person to whom one has given credit, in the spirit in which one 0 n/a
this criterion, which at the same time we can participate in? It is 0 n/a
us too, then, lay this down as a general basis. For the same is not 0 n/a
case sufficiently. 0 n/a
less but even more capable of doing each of these unjust acts; for 0 n/a
while the other is concerned with all the objects with which the good 0 n/a
of what is good for themselves, and those who love for the sake of 0 n/a
exertion, and does not consist in amusement. And we say that serious 0 n/a
universal is known by the general name 'political wisdom'; this has 0 n/a
if it so happened, bad); while those who say the apparent good is 0 n/a