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it has been shown' that a man is at the same time practically wise, 0 n/a
a view to their well-being, as a shepherd does for his sheep (whence 0 n/a
For he seemed not, he, 0 n/a
face danger, and they sell their life for trifling gains. 0 n/a
with appetite, but not with choice; while the continent man on the 0 n/a
the thing, since the matter of practical affairs is of this kind from 0 n/a
happy man will need friends of this sort, since his purpose is to 0 n/a
for some mothers hand over their children to be brought up, and so 0 n/a
(1) Some things are pleasant by nature, and of these (a) some are 0 n/a
reason of these. Let us separate, then, things good in themselves 0 n/a
the man who has done something owing to ignorance, and feels not the 0 n/a
a king over his subjects. These friendships imply superiority of one 0 n/a
that the gods should be referred to our standard, but this is done 0 n/a
who do not know each other; nor do we say that people who have the 0 n/a
Honours and dishonours, therefore, are the objects with respect to 0 n/a
intermediate, to adopt our previous distinction-e.g. wealth, gain, 0 n/a
in an exceptional degree with noble actions all men approve and praise; 0 n/a
sons bears the form of monarchy, since the father cares for his children; 0 n/a
First will Polydamas be to heap reproach on me then; and 0 n/a
by reason of their quickness and the latter by reason of the violence 0 n/a
but rather to overlook them. Nor is he a gossip; for he will speak 0 n/a
differ from the ready-witted man, and to no small extent, is clear 0 n/a
some way or other both dainty foods and wines and sexual intercourse, 0 n/a
deficiency of this state of character is called niggardliness, the 0 n/a
of them even in households. For the association of a father with his 0 n/a