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parenthesis but in Hebrew is an opening one (we have seen some versions 0 n/a
m w A - t A n y or you could shorten it to m w A - t. 0 n/a
other editions (the comments on Mishneh Torah above apply). In every 0 n/a
To run MTR with your DOS-based word processor, run mw.bat. This loads 0 n/a
MW .BAT installs mtrfonts as a TSR, loads mtrtsr, then runs your 0 n/a
We shall try in the name of the Lord, and may God bless our efforts 0 n/a
In the name of the Lord, the everlasting God 0 n/a
one will be inherited from your previous search. 0 n/a
We will now explain exactly how this works so that you can learn how 0 n/a
plain-text files, and wherever Hebrew text is described in this 0 n/a
returns you to the book's main page. 0 n/a
Mishneh Torah. Please take the time, at least initially, to read and 0 n/a
Ctrl-E (Qof) browsing mode ("Qeriyah") 0 n/a
18.1 EDITING KEYS 0 n/a
We have provided .BAT files in the \MTR directory to make it easy to 0 n/a
presence of a " within the abbreviation, e.g. Yom Tov may be spelled 0 n/a
command therefore is made up of two criteria -- the search expression 0 n/a
Concordance mode. Concordance mode functions are described further on. 0 n/a
z m n - t since that is the only volume in that group beginning with 0 n/a
s setumah - a closed paragraph break, which is to say, blank space 0 n/a
and so on. There is nothing special within these files to indicate 0 n/a
himself called these divisions "books" and what we are referring to as 0 n/a
Alt-X cycles from book to book. 0 n/a
> overwrites any existing file of the same name. 0 n/a
For the sake of brevity, we shall refer to these elements below as: 0 n/a