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from the numbering in other Bibles, especially translated Bibles of 0 n/a
Ta`anit 22b " d F <space> k b , b " m w A - t A n y 0 n/a
make improvements, where called for, in future releases. 0 n/a
<Ctrl-X> or <Ctrl-C> or <Ctrl-Break> or <Esc> 0 n/a
DOS. We will deal with this more fully later on. (Note: The 0 n/a
define the scope of the search as T-Shemot, spelled, in Hebrew: 0 n/a
recommended method for running MTR under Windows is to run m.bat, which 0 n/a
(The latter four terms are words for different cooking vessels.) 0 n/a
Since the accented vowels are not used in English, their loss is no 0 n/a
(the same key-stroke as used in English for double quotes). 0 n/a
these commands and keys in Hebrew and will help you remember them.) 0 n/a
This assumes that you have a standard US English keyboard. For other 0 n/a
vertical-surface of the keycaps. The top surface comes in for greater 0 n/a
working under DOS. 0 n/a
1 browsing, searching, and help keys 0 n/a
Win9x long directory name). 0 n/a
punctuation is also used there. This corresponds to the punctuation 0 n/a
would be a good point, if you have been reading this without attempting 0 n/a
Alt-J switches between full-style and masoretic spelling, 0 n/a
We have already described in section 17, "Location, Text, and Citation 0 n/a
titles, section or chapter headings, and the like. 0 n/a
2 boolean a "and" b search 0 n/a
Say you wish to digress for a moment to consult some other part of the 0 n/a
Concordance mode. Concordance mode functions are described further on. 0 n/a
control over the process. However this is best suited to cases where 0 n/a