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though, you need a Hebrew screen font for DOS. This is provided by 0 n/a
For our non Hebrew-speaking users, we have extracted, from those files 0 n/a
Ctrl-M for exporting just a location-tag rather than a block of text.) 0 n/a
bottom of the screen. Press <F10> again for more commands. 0 n/a
in MTR showing how to go directly to a particular location in each 0 n/a
To run two copies of MTR concurrently, run m2.bat. This loads both MTR 0 n/a
There is much more, but we recommend that you familiarize yourself with 0 n/a
information on the operation of the MTR program. 0 n/a
<+> and <-> resume searching from your present position, which, if you 0 n/a
system to hang (stop working) when you return to the program. 0 n/a
m.bat. If it is running under Windows other than NT, you can send 0 n/a
texts and their punctuation and spelling, rather than practical 0 n/a
physical image -- i.e. by setting the text to appear in a similar 0 n/a
Pereq and halachah numbering seems standard across all editions; but, 0 n/a
To install the internet version, unzip the MTR?, with the -d 0 n/a
<Ctrl-R>. This works both at the main page and within the text. 0 n/a
where #,# are daf and `amud numbers. 0 n/a
haMesorah). The masoretic spelling can seem quite arbitrary. (Take, 0 n/a
CY2110.BA0775 Draw Heuer Look-alike Stainless Steel 0 n/a
ordering" (same as for English text). Therefore, ordinary, non- 0 n/a
5 installing mtr in your windows environment 0 n/a
from the numbering in other Bibles, especially translated Bibles of 0 n/a
Ta`anit 22b " d F <space> k b , b " m w A - t A n y 0 n/a