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for which no reason can be given, while practical wisdom is concerned 0 n/a
of perception they are despised, and discredit the truth as well; 0 n/a
their authority, either by impartially composing quarrels, or in 0 n/a
praise is for things such as we have described, clearly what applies 0 n/a
certain term of years. ... 0 n/a
since there are only a very few strictly hereditary monarchies. Those 0 n/a
attend divine worship at least at the three great festivals of the year, 0 n/a
nurture and upbringing. 0 n/a
speaks of the Swiss Cantons as originally fiefs of the Empire, he ends by 0 n/a
A Comparison of the three Legitimate Types of Commonwealth, Popular, 0 n/a
and learn all the more. 0 n/a
it is of universal application ... Plutarch improved on this description 0 n/a
clergy, argued that the estate of the clergy and of the nobility had 0 n/a
thought of analysing the forms that the state can take. It is true that in 0 n/a
rights of levying tallages, dues, and imposts. Even in this kingdom many 0 n/a
with the march. 0 n/a