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either equals have and are awarded unequal shares, or unequals equal 0 n/a
that constitutes a state. He defines the state in terms of its government, 0 n/a
power of taking care. 0 n/a
and property, to the stupid, ignorant, and passionate, as well as to the 0 n/a
long as they know their fate they love them and do not seek to be 0 n/a
and selfindulgent voluntarily; but now that they have become so it 0 n/a
of killing him in cold blood, for this was generally the origin of 0 n/a
or, therefore, for those dearest to them. Still, experience seems 0 n/a
not accepted. For the kingdom and the government had survived intact 0 n/a
treat of marriages, alliances, and such like matters; there are letters 0 n/a
and politics on his second. The development of his career emphasized this 0 n/a
the rest. But in associating upright men now with nobles, now with rich 0 n/a
also will spend what he ought and as he ought; and it is in these 0 n/a
against which we act incontinently, that makes no difference to the 0 n/a
little or no friendship. For where there is nothing common to ruler 0 n/a
knowledge he would be none the wiser e.g. we should not know what 0 n/a
be seen in the Signory of Venice, which is an aristocracy if ever there 0 n/a
they do not remain even like to themselves), but become friends for 0 n/a
a hundred thousand it is a city no longer. But the proper number is 0 n/a
they think of the same thing in the same hands, e.g. when both the 0 n/a
types of life shows that people of superior refinement and of active 0 n/a
is in the same case, but the philosopher, even when by himself, can 0 n/a
the appropriate excellence: if this is the case, human good turns 0 n/a
source. At the same time, because they care nothing for honour, they 0 n/a
excess in the amount spent on right objects, but by showy expenditure 0 n/a