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  • For about the last year, when I meet new fans at shows, the comment I hear the most is some variation of "I found out about you on Pandora". I really, really love this, because, I too am a huge Pandora fan. A lot of the bands I listen to the most these days are bands I first heard on Pandora when I started listening five or so years ago. It's genius. Plug in a band you like, and be exposed to other bands with a similar melody, mood, musicality, or focus on lyrics within the same genre. Like blue-based metal? Black Sabbath can end up taking you to Graveyard, a great Scandavian metal band.
  • Hi everybody, This year, part of the reason I haven't kept up with the podcasts I was doing, and, the reason I no longer appear on the XM/Sirius radio show, Naked and Fearless, is that I have begun also working as a Consulting Producer (basically, a guy who comes up with funny ideas) on several shows. Two of those shows begin airing new episodes next week. One is Porter Ridge, a new series premiering Tuesday, 10:30 EST (check local listings for times in your area). It's about a group of wild, off-the-grid guys living in the hills of Indiana. For a preview, and more info, go here:
  • Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to announce some new dates, and remind you about some old ones.
    I will be at the St Louis Funny Bone August 15-18, the San Francisco Punchline September 4 -7, the Cleveland Improv September 26-29, and I'll back in Chicago in October. I'll also be in Portland, OR, Indianapolis, Virginia Beach, Scottsdale, AZ, and Hartford. Check the Tour section for the complete schedule! Hope you're all having great summers, except those of you who don't deserve a great summer, which is probably about 30-40% of you.