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  • If you're the Bay Area, Friday September 5th, use the password "Pandora" to get 1/2 price tickets (only $10!) to my exclusive recording of new material for Pandora internet radio.  Very excited.  Hope to see you there!!
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    August 04, 2014

    Hi everybody. I hope your summer's going well, but, I also hope you're a little sad that you haven't been able to watch me do a live show recently. Well, here's your chance! This Fall, I'll be appearing in Irvine and San Diego - two new So Cal locations. Yes!! I'll also be in some of our finest East Coast cities - Washington D.C. and Boston.  This week I'm in the best midwest city of them all - CHICAGO!  I'm also swinging through some of my favorite Southern tour spots over the past few years, Tampa and Virginia Beach. And, I'll be heading up north to Calgary. Excited to grab some good
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    January 14, 2014

    Happy 2014!
    I just got my 2014 tour schedule. I know a lot of cities aren't on here that people have requested. I'd love to have more control of my touring, and here's how you can help: Call up your local comedy club/rock club that has comedy shows, etc., and ask them when I'll be there. Tell them you'll bring a bunch of people out to the show if they book me. If there's a demand for me, they'll contact my booking agent... and I'll come. That's how it works. Right now, I don't get to pick where I go. Also, follow me! On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.