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  • Hello Northern Cali comedy fans.  This weekend, it is waay to hot to barbecue comfortably in Sacramento, so, why not go grab burger at In-N-Out, and then come have beer with me at the Punchline Comedy Club?  Great, it’s settled then.  You really should show up.  I’ve gotten dirtier, and, darker than ever.  It’ll be fun.  Here’s the info:

    Sacramento Punchline  2100 Arden Way  916 925 8500  For the website, click here. Showtimes are 8PM  Thursday – Sunday, with an extra 10PM show on Friday and Saturday.
  • ASPEN, CO – The second annual Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival kicked off last night in strong form, with a show featuring Ted Alexandro, Laurie Kilmartin, Will Durst and Dan Cummins.

    Of this group, the younger Spokane, Washington-based Cummins had the most to prove, as he found himself performing in a lineup of incredibly seasoned and well-respected comedians.


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    January 26, 2009

    Thanks so much for all the votes! I was amazed to get over 100,000, and finish 3rd in Comedy Central’s Standup Showdown. Also, sorry it’s taken so long, but, my 2009 schedule is now up. I’ll be adding many more dates. Also, I should be getting a new, nicer website in the next few months. Stay tuned.