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  • For the past several months, I have been recording podcast episodes with my Sirius/XM Blue Collar Radio (channel 97 – Mondays at 3PM PST) Naked and Fearless co-hosts Tom Saunders and Doug Mellard. This podcast is all about raw, honest, autobiographical story telling, where the three of us reveal secrets to you we’ve never shared with another soul before, on everything from shameful sex secrets to embarrassing childhood memories. You can subscribe to Naked and Fearless at , and, very soon, at itunes. Or, you can just listen to it on the player below. And don’t forget to sign up on my e-mail list for more updates on television appearances, live dates, and new media content.
  • I have officially joined the podcast revolution! My new podcast, Fired Up (formerly Angry Dan), is now available to be listened to, for free, right here on this website through the player below, or, (soon) you can go to itunes and subscribe to it, or, subscribe to it for various other media players by clicking here to go to my podcast page at podbean.